Slice 3D is the ArcGIS extension intended for making of information geological-geophysical model of a rock mass. This solution include unique support of "two-scale" geological graphics. We recommend to use tools together with a free Typeconvert extension. Also we recommend to use module KMLer as an extension for support universal Google 4D Z-service. Slice3D include free and commercial functions.
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How to use
Work in ArcScene
Send data to Grapher
Create slice from the polyline DEM

For what this program?

At the analysis of the data of study of a rock mass there are following problems:

  • How most simply to execute special graphic constructions, whenever possible not using other programs, except the ArcGIS?
  • How to compare the numerical and descriptive data?
  • How to receive the updated plan, a set of slices and 3d model on the uniform attributive data?
  • How to carry out geologic constructions in one plane of a slice and to transfer them to another?
  • How to find intersections of a slice surface with other objects?
  • How to construct projections of objects to a surface of a slice?
  • How to organize two-scale constructions?
To solve a considerable proportion of these problems the program module Slice3d is created. This is the tool for making of information geological-geophysical model of a rock mass.
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